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Photo by Mattieu Simon de la Mortière

La Sartoria dell'immagine in Florence and 8K Mobile Digital Lab in London have agreed to offer their combined services for editing, remote post production for films & tv series, & on set visual effects


Both companies have studied and developed highly innovative services that allow working in full resolution immediately from the set, location or studio up to 8k, and even beyond, without using compressed images or proxies. These proven technologies are also designed for remote working.

 Alessio has just finished the post-production of a collective short film directed by 5 directors, produced by DADO Produzioni, shot in 8K RedRaw and entirely managed remotely. Below some still ungraded stills. The camera native files were uploaded directly to the cloud system and immediately shared with the 5 directors of photography, the 5 directors, the production and, Alessio's remote editing room in Florence.

.4 Alberto Parodi's audio post production on location

David writes: I've been professionally stimulated for many years by Alberto Parodi's passion and ability in all that has to do with sound. Especially sound for pictures. He has continued to invest so as to have the best and most efficient technologies for his craft, and he makes it seem so easy to make it all work to the highest levels of quality and efficiency. Its no surprise that he likes the 8k Mobile Digital Lab that I have designed with Mike Connor, and I'm happy to explain to our clients his qualities and skills. I think he adds a winning combination to our image post production. Indeed, he's come up with a brilliant portable sound design unit for audio on location that works very efficiently with the 8k Mobile Digital Lab

Remote Film Post Production with La Sartoria Dell'Immagine & Alessio Focardi

                Statement from founders David Bush and Mike Connor

Stimulated by our long term professional quest of striving to improve continuously processes and techniques in our fields, we decided to design and create the 8K Mobile Digital Lab based on what we believe will become a more efficient and cost effective solution for the area where production and post production are merging ever more into a single process.


The Lab that we have created is in essence the tool that we had always dreamt of for ourselves, and, as it offers overall savings to production, and helps shorten that ever important Time to Market, while also offering very useful new creative tools, we think the market will like it too.

The concept has already stimulated several excellent partners to work with us:



DAVID BUSH    +44 7447 575 512   

MIKE CONNOR    +44 7802 255 620

ALBERTO PARODI       +39 347 255 4249.   

For information and quotes in MALTA  contact   PAOLO SAVIOLO   at   LUX MARIS   ltd.   171   Old Bakery Street, Il-Belt Valletta VLT 1455,   Malta tel:    +356 7704 1824 contact

For information and quotes in ITALY contact ALESSIO FOCARDI   at   LA SARTORIA DELL'IMMAGINE. via Giuseppe Mazzoni 27, 50134 Florence, Italy,   tel:    +39 348 381 3901 contact

All phones are also What's App and Face Time

8k MOBILE DIGITAL LAB is a division of WOTAN FILM Ltd  542 Uxbridge Road, Pinner, Middlesex, HA5 3QA, UK


I've worked with passion and determination for some 45 years in the film and television industries, learning through mistakes and experience ever more skills in what has become a multitude of different roles, ranging from editor, colour grader, visual effects supervisor, 3d supervisor, post facility manager,and, dulcis in fondo, producer.

I've also had the priviledge of working with and for many talented film directors, producers and film professionals both for the small and the big screen around the world.

Beyond story telling these experiences, the site also showcases David & Mike's new