I've worked with passion and determination for many years in the film and television industries, learning a multitude of different skill sets ranging from those of editor, colour grader, visual effects supervisor, 3d supervisor, post facility founder, manager, and, dulcis in fondo, producer.

I've also had the privilege of working with and for many talented film directors, producers and film professionals both for the small and the big screen around the world.

I have participated in several European high tech research projects for digital camera imaging technology, and, recently, Artificial Intelligence.

I have also developed during 2020, building on many years of work with Mike Connor, the 8k  12k Mobile Digital Lab based on decades of production and post production experiences together.

Photo by Mattieu Simon de la Mortière. A break between scenes in Jean-Jaccques Annaud's 3d film "Wolf Totem" in Inner Mongolia.