Photo by Amit Ashar below. Night shoot on constructed set in Film City, Mumbai for Goldie Behl's "Drona", by kind permission of Rose Movies

Colour & 3d grading which I like doing together in E-Motion's Genoa based facility with Quantel Pablo and 3d projection.

Native 3d supervisor on 3d film "Wolf Totem" directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud and shot in Inner Mongolia

On Recce for Rebis Film's "North Pole" with Arri camera at -30° in Norwegian Svalbard Islands

Illustrating E-Motion's modified Swiss Rig to Ted Schilovitz in Rome's Casa del Cinema

Photo Mattieu Simon de la Mortière. Between scenes in Jean-Jaccques Annaud's 3d film "Wolf Totem" in Inner Mongolia.Thanks to China Film Group.

Alhough 3d is often considered these days no longer to be of interest, i believe it may have a theatrical future again, and i've written some considerations on my experiences with it, as i also teach master classes:

I have worked in China, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Italy, Malta, Mexico, Morocco, Namibia, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, South Africa, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, the US and the UK temporarily for my work, with Italy as the main hub for over 40 years. I am currently living in the UK.


I have been working professionally since 1975 - first in television as an editor, then in post production and visual effects for commercials, and finally for the film and television industries with supervision of post production, visual effects and 3d. I founded, found the financing, and managed four of Italy's most successful and innovative post production facilities in their days: IMAGINACTION in Milan (1984), DIGITALVIDEO in Milan (1987), INTERACTIVE in Milan (1992) and CINECITTÀ DIGITAL in Rome (2001).

My passion and desire to contribute my production and post production expertise ever more to feature films and television series often took me out of the post production facilities I had founded and managed to supervise and produce visual effects on set, and, since 2008, I have also specialised in offering high level consultancy for production, native stereography, 3d grading and post production.


In the last few years I have hosted Master classes to train film crews in how to shoot native 3d for China Film Group in Munich and Bejing, for Tecnovision/D-Vision in Rome, for Dunia Production in Jeddah, and Adriana Trincea Cinematografia in Rome.


Over the years I have had the enormous priviledge of working with many talented Film Directors in the industry, offering my expertise for their increasingly challenging requirements for story-telling.


A pioneer with new technologies and somewhat a master of them, I have been involved in European High Technology Projects as a user, specifier and technology test bed. I have recently co-founded with Mike Connor an innovative 8k Mobile Digital Lab which we intend to offer to large and small documentary, film, streaming and television productions around the World.

I've worked with passion and determination for many years in the film and television industries, learning a multitude of different skill sets.

I've also had the privilege of working with and for many talented film directors producers and film professionals both for the small and the big screen around the world.

I have participated in several European high tech research projects for digital camera imaging technology, and, recently, artificial intelligence applied to digital film restoration.

I have also developed during 2020, building on many years of work with Mike Connor, the 8k 12k Mobile Digital Lab (see logo/link below) based on decades of production and post production experiences together.