Over the course of 45 years I have worked for and with many talented Directors. I have had the priviledge of not only getting to know them intimately but also that of following personalised Master Classes on their work methods and Artistry. Not only have I learnt most of what I know from them, but also many of them have told the fascinating and often humous tales of some of their previous films and how they got to make them. A special salute to some of them who have passed on to what the Italians call "migliore vita", or a better life.  

Film Directors I have worked with and for

Theo Angelopoulos

Jean-Jacques Annaud

Michelangelo Antonioni

Pupi Avati

Giotto Barbieri

Goldie Behl

Bernardo Bertolucci

Fausto Brizzi

Anne Riitta Ciccone

Alessandro D’Alatri

Enzo D'Alò

Robert Dornhelm

Uli Edel

Roberto Faenza

Giorgio Ferrara

Silvia Giulietti

Tony Giglio

Ahmed Kamel

Renzo Martinelli

Mario Monicelli

Giuliano Montaldo

Enzo Monteleone

Ferzan Ozpetek

Neri Parenti

Roman Polanski

Paolo & Vittorio Taviani

Giuseppe Tornatore

Florestano Vancini      

Carlo Vanzina

Roger Young