We are proud to present a novel and innovative Mobile Post Production Facility designed to be set up from its purpose built flight cases in less than an hour, in virtually any location close to where shooting is on-going. 

The mobile facility, while relatively compact, offers practically all of the functions of a full blown post production facility. These include online editing, colour grading, back up of digital dailies, certain visual effects and post production of sound.


With it we can see both pristine quality images and sound, eliminating the need for off-line editing.

With the 8K Mobile Digital Lab we can shorten the time normally required for delivery of finished product when using today’s standard editing workflow, while also offering the entire crew better quality control and piece of mind over the production's progress. 


The 8K Mobile Digital Lab has been developed through David & Mike's extensive post and production experience in the film industry and uses new, extremely high performance technology running on specially configured hyperfast Apple Mac Pro workstations. These powerhouses can work effortlessly in hd, 2k, 4k, 5k, indeed up to 8k, voiding once and for all the need for proxy workflows. 

Thanks also to Da Vinci Resolve there is also no need to transcode or convert the original raw camera files into compressed files or other formats, saving time and expense. 

Viewing reference images on the brilliant new Apple Pro XDR 6k 32" display within a calibrated environment helps decision making for heads of departments; production design, make up, hair, costumes; indeed the whole crew have much to gain viewing their work critically on the 6k  calibrated display.  

The 8K Mobile Digital Lab also enables continuous colour grading with the cinematographer; so that colourist and director of photography can gradually create and refine the look day by day, and show director edited and graded sequences.


In essence both productive and creative aspects can be discussed and worked on immediately, contributing to the advancement of the project, and, importantly, helping to render the entire production's progress more efficient.

Alberto has a long list of collaborations including the Moody Blues, Renato Zero, Eric Clapton, Angelo Branduardi, the Spice Girls, Tiziano Ferro, Elton John, Julian Lennon, Ivano Fossati, John Mc Lauglin, Eros Ramazzotti, M People, Francesco De Gregori, Simon Climie, Max Pezzali, Chèr, Gianna Nannini, Peter Greenaway, Alessandra Amoroso, Roger Hodgson, Mario Biondi, Sting and Fabrizio De Andrè.  Alberto has also worked for companies IMAX, Eagle Pictures, PBS, Good Morning Film, Medusa Film, Rai and Cinedokke’, amongst others.

DAVID is passionate about post production, following on from decades of work editing high-end commercials, documentaries & long format television.  These often took him out of the post production facilities he founded, designed and managed* in Italy to supervise and produce visual effects on set and, since 2008, he has also offered master class consultancy and training for native 3d stereography, colour and 3d grading. He has worked with Jean-Jacques Annaud, Michelangelo Antonioni, Goldie Behl, the Taviani Brothers, Anne Riitta Ciccone, Giuseppe Tornatore, Ferzan Ozpetek, Bernardo Bertolucci and Roman Polanski amongst many others. *Imaginaction (Milan), Digitalvideo (Milan) Interactive (Milan) and Cinecittà Digital (Rome).

MIKE has clocked up over 30 years of camera experience Internationally. He has worked with film, digital, motion control & visual effects. He has worked alongside Directors such as Ridley Scott, Hugh Hudson, Sidney Pollack, Wolfgang Peterson, Milos Forman, Giuseppe Tornatore and also with many prestigious Cameramen and Creatives. Over the years he has often combined his techniques with David's, and together they have contributed to saving money for Production while getting creative's ever more challenging visuals onto the screen.

da vinci resolve editing controller

Alberto Parodi and post production of sound on location.

Alberto has a passion,  ability and rare talent in all that has to do with sound for films and television series. Indeed, he's come up with a brilliant portable unit for audio on location that is designed to work very efficiently with the 8K Mobile Digital Lab. He offers both live recording, sound design and post production from day one of shooting.

fully configured apple mac pro  

Founders David Bush and Mike Connor

Stimulated by our long term professional quest of striving to improve continuously processes and techniques in our fields, we decided to design and create the 8K Mobile Digital Lab based on what we believe will become a more efficient and cost effective solution for the growing market of the merging of production and post production techniques. 


We have observed from a privileged position that the current post production workflow and overall costs are no longer efficient or cost effective for today's filmmakers. 


The Lab that we have created is in essence the tool that we had always dreamt of for ourselves, and, as it offers overall savings to production, and helps shorten that ever important Time to Market, while also offering very useful new creative tools, we think the market will like it too.

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ALBERTO PARODI   +39 347 255 4249.  

All phones have What's App and Face Time.


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Designed by David Bush and Mike Connor


Designed by David Bush and Mike Connor

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