His Portable Sound Design System is taken on or near to the set and works in tandem with the main Mac Pro and Resolve video and visual effects workstations. Audio is worked on very quickly without slowing down editing and grading on the Mac Pro. (see Alberto's additional portable equipment for location recording below).

Beyond the audio acquisition and sound design opportunities, Alberto also owns and runs a state of the art sound post-production facility with Dolby ATMOS HE mixing capabilities. The facility and his services are available optionally and separately, remotely on line, or as a fixed facility to make the final mix for deliverables, if desired.

Alberto on location

Alberto's location recording equipment offered together with his operational work.

Cinema Cart

Recorder/Mixer: Zoom F8N with F-Control.

Wireless: 4x AudioLimited A10, 4x SONY WUP-D,

1x Zaxcom TRX992 Boom Pole Unit.

Antenna Distribution: AUDIO WIRELESS DADM224 with

LPDA Diversity Antenna.

Camera Link: 2x Senheiser G2 500

Wireless Timecode: 1x Ambient The Lockit 1x Ambient LockitSlate,

3x Ambient NanoLockit.

IFB system: 3x Senheiser EK1038.

Shotgun Microphones: 1x Sanken CS-3e, 2x Sanken CS-1,

1x AudioTechnica AT835ST.

Hypercardioid Microphones: 2X Neumann KM185.

Lavalier Microphones: 8x Sanken Cos11D, 4x Countryman B6

4X DPA 4060.

Surround Microphones: 1x DPA 5100, 1x Rode NT-SF1

ORCA Soundbag

Recorder/Mixer: Zoom F8N

Wireless: 3x RODELink Filmmaker, 1x RODELink Newsshooter

Camera Link: 1x Senheiser G2 500

IFB system: 2x Senheiser EK1038.

Shotgun Microphones: 1x Sanken CS-1

Hypercardioid Microphones: 1X Neumann KM185.

Lavalier Microphones: 3x Sanken Cos11D, 2x Deity Mic W.Lav Micro.

Other Microphones: 2x Rode PinMic, 1x Rode Reporter.

K-TEK Soundbag

Recorder/Mixer: Zoom F6

Wireless: 2x RODE Wireless Go, 1x RODELink Newsshooter

Shotgun Microphones: 1x Sanken CS-1

Hypercardioid Microphones: 1X Neumann KM185.

Lavalier Microphones:2x RODE Lavalier, 2x Deity Mic W.Lav Micro.

Alberto's Portable Sound Design System


7.1 & ATMOS HE

As with images, solving problems with audio recorded on location can also be a huge time and money saver for production. With more and more live sound productions being made worldwide ADR becomes absolutely necessary. Talent can sometimes have difficulty attending sessions booked months later in dubbing studios; whereas making any corrections, with quality control and ADR immediately on or near set offers a great advantage to production, with actors and actresses still present and available to re-dub the performances that are also still fresh in their minds. This is one of the many services that Alberto offers when in conjunction with the 8k Mobile Digital Lab.

He also offers the  Audio Align Post Service  which corrects the delay and comb-filter phase issues that occur when recording multiple moving microphones, such as in the case of a shoot set-up using a boom microphone in addition to actor’s and actress’s lavalier microphones or multiple on-set microphones. The alignment and correction of the defects, if operated on set, saves hours and hours of tedious, time-consuming tasks in post audio facilities that often require several ear-twisting days to complete.  

Alberto's audio post production on set,

and successive mixing in his studios.  

David writes: I've been professionally stimulated for many years by Alberto Parodi's passion and ability in all that has to do with sound. Especially sound for pictures. He has continued to invest so as to have the best, most efficient and fastest technologies for his craft, and he makes it seem so easy to make it all work to the highest levels of quality and efficiency. Finishing as much as 80% of the sound by the end of shooting saves so much money and time for production, and enables editorial to go forward much faster too. Its no surprise that he likes the 8k Mobile Digital Lab that I have designed with Mike Connor, especially since we've been talking for some years about the workflow for both sound and picture. Alberto is a highly skilled professional and I know that his services add a winning combination to our image post production.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Alberto has a long list of collaborations including the Moody Blues, Renato Zero, Eric Clapton, Angelo Branduardi, the Spice Girls, Tiziano Ferro, Elton John, Julian Lennon, Ivano Fossati, John Mc Lauglin, Eros Ramazzotti, M People, Francesco De Gregori, Simon Climie, Max Pezzali, Chèr, Gianna Nannini, Peter Greenaway, Alessandra Amoroso, Roger Hodgson, Mario Biondi, Sting and Fabrizio De Andrè.  Alberto has also worked for companies IMAX, Eagle Pictures, PBS, Good Morning Film, Medusa Film, Rai and Cinedokke’, amongst others.

.6 Additional services Alberto offers in loco with the mobile digital lab are: Consultancy in Live Recording, Audio Editing, Mixing (up to 7.1 and Dolby Atmos HE), together with Dialogue Audio Editing and Sound Design. Alberto also offers Quality Control of all the audio and the metadata recorded on location; Cleaning and Restoring of all the audio files including: Spectral De Noising, De Clicking, De Hum, De Reverb, De Plosive, De Rustle, De Wind. Alberto uses Protools Ultimate and Resolve’s Fairlight with all the specific software that is normally used during post-production in facilities. He is also fully operative on Da Vinci Resolve, and can collaborate usefully with the editor and colourist.