1976-78 : Assistant editor, cameraman and TV director at SPQR TV - a private Italian TV channel based in Rome and run by director Giuseppe Collizzi (at the time a very successful film director, famous for having created the popular BUD SPENCER / TERENCE HILL franchise. He used his entire film crew to man the station, and I was extensively trained by them.

1978-83 : Post Production Consultant in S.B.P. S.p.A. - one of the first TV Post Production facilities in Rome, Italy, where I specialized in long format editing, digital video effects and TV graphics. Thanks to my determination and my technical and craft skills, I became a very successful professional, bringing a large number of advertising and television clients to Rome from Milan in those years.

1983-1985 : Consultant for RETE 4 in Milan (a private national TV channel), where I managed the image of the network and helped build the advanced post-production facilities for them; I was among the proponents of the "Centro Tecnico Operativo" (TOC, still in operation today, some 35 years later).

1985-1986 : Consultant in UVC srl. - an independent post-production facility in Milan, Italy. I managed the creative, commercial and technical divisions of the facility. During this period I also started supervising visual effects, first in advertising, then in feature films, an activity that would become more and more part of my professional career.

1986-1987 : Founder and President of IMAGINACTION srl. In Milan - a small company designed around Quantel's Paintbox, specialising in graphics and animation for commercials, corporate communications and TV opening titles. The company was housed first in GUICAR srl. for 6 months - a larger post-production facility, but which lacked graphics capabilities at the time, and later, in TTV S.p.A., the largest post-production facility and film lab in Milan at the time. IMAGINACTION, small and very successful, was then bought by ETABETA srl, a large production and post-production facility based in Rome, while I founded a new computer graphics and visual effects division in TTV S.p.A.

1987-1991 : Founder and managing director of DIGITALVIDEO srl. in Milan. First Italian "All Digital" post-production plant to offer an efficient London-style post-production facility. The company managed to gain a strong market share in a short time and was very profitable already in its first year of activity. Since 1991 I am no longer a shareholder in the company. The company became part of TTV, then Blue Gold, and then The Square.

1992-2000 : Founder and managing director of INTERACTIVE S.p.A in Milan with Bruno Bogarelli and Giambattista Bianchi. Originally conceived as a multi-company digital post-production facility in Milan, it soon became a leading player in film visual effects in Italy. Interactive became a market leader in its first year of operation. Since 2000 I am no longer a shareholder of the company.

2000-2003 : Founder and director of CINECITTÀ DIGITAL a new structure and division within the CINECITTÀ STUDIOS complex in Rome. The innovative facility was at the time a world pioneer and technical test bed for cutting-edge digital cinema technology, and soon became a showcase for other facilities around the world in those years. The facility also provided daily feedback to technology manufacturer Quantel for the development of the iQ/Pablo platform. I trained the staff and started a brand new and pioneering digital intermediate division, while stimulating the Studios involvement in several European high-tech research and development projects.

2006-2007 : Supervisor for digital technologies and visual effects at AUGUSTUSCOLOR, Rome. The Italian film processing lab installed state-of-the-art digital technologies and created new divisions of visual effects, digital intermediate, digital sound and digital printing with my advice, guidance and help.

my curriculum vitae

UVC post production

facility, Milan



2007-2009 : Producer and visual effects supervisor for ROSE MOVIES in Mumbai, India. I pioneered the 4k digital intermediate process for film post production in India.

2009-2010 : Consultant in E-MOTION srl., a digital production and post production facility based in Genoa, Italy. The company, one of the first to adopt Red Cameras in Italy, and present on the market mainly for corporate communication and commercials until my arrival, made investments in 3d equipment, with the aim of becoming the first 3d facility for feature film production and post-production in Italy. I also operated the company's Quantel Pablo for colour and 3D correction, and supervised production as a stereographic supervisor.

2011: I consulted with SEAGULL srl. a post-production company with editorial experience based in Rome, which continued to invest in high-end 3d technology thanks to an innovative project of the Regione Lazio that I helped to propose. The company now offers its services to clients in the film, corporate communications and advertising sectors. During my stay I also managed and operated the company's 3D Quantel Pablo for colour and 3D correction, training the company's staff to manage it independently.

2011 : I worked for the production company WILDSIDE srl. in Rome as 3D supervisor of the movie "COM'E' BELLO FAR L'AMORE IN 3D!" by Fausto Brizzi. The first Italian film of its kind to be shot and post-produced in 3D.

2013 -2014 : I worked for China Film Group as 3D Native Stereographer for "THE LAST WOLF" by director Jean-Jacques Annaud for a French co-production with CHINA FILM GROUP.

2020 : With Mike Connor's Wotan film we have developed the innovative Mobile Digital Lab for worldwide rental.