Laboratory for film scanning and restoration

with Cineric liquid gate scanners in New York, Lisbon and Rome  

Pixelman hosts the American Cineric Film Restoration Laboratory in Rome, with Loretta, the fourth scanner in the world. In our studio, we are offering the highest quality digitalization by using Cineric’s worldwide famous wet gate HDR scanner, able to digitalize all film formats. Thanks to the ability to scan through the liquid process, we obtain higher quality and much cleaner masters compared to the Dry Gate process. This allows us much shorter digital restoration times and is the best way in Italy to digitize films following FIAF standards.

The scanner has superior characteristics compared to other scanners and is also the only one that allows working using the wet gate process, digitizing 4K, 8K and up to 11K, with True HDR, using a CCD sensor, and a Collimated LED light source with adjustaable variable wavelegths allowing a perfect match to the material being scanned.

Cineric recently scanned 68 mm 8k film for Amsterdam's EYE Film Museum, as well as films "The Shark", "Taxi Driver", "Dr Strangelove", "Big Lebowski", "Funny Girl", "The Birds" and 1.000 others.

Cineric has been developing its own liquid gate technology for the past 30 years and now is applying it to the digital realm. Liquid gate is a process where film is immersed in a fluid with the same refractive index as the base of the film. This stops any scratch or damage on the surface or the emulsion from scattering light and therefore does not show in scanning. This greatly reduces the amount of cleanup time needed and also improves image quality by reducing the amount of digital manipulation of the image.


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“When I met David 20 years ago, then in Rome and at Cinecittà Digital, offering authoring DVDs among the first companies in Italy, I could not foresee that after all this period we would find ourselves collaborating again. David has always been a reference person in the post-production sector and a professional who is continually looking for new technologies and better audiovisual solutions”.

"I'm passionate about film restoration, and I'm convinced that Pixelman have the technology and know how to offer very high resolution scans that the 8K Mobile Digital Lab can edit, process, colour grade and master. Many would say that 4K is enough, but my approach is not to consider "enough", but what can be done to improve the quality benchmark. I'm excited by the sheer pristine quality and clean images that come out of the wetgate Cineric scanner, and with its higher resolution capabilities of both 8K and even 11K I believe that the collaboration of the two companies will prove to make solutions of the highest quality and cost effectiveness for our clients. The ultra high quality results will speak for themselves".

The Pixelman company in Rome is a creative, family run company that offers quality products for the home video market. Our studio became successful through diligent work and by using up-to-date technology, working on individual client support. Over the years Pixelman has made more than 5,000 home video projects. Pixelman was the first company in Italy and one of the first in the world to create a 4K UHD Blu-ray.

Pixelman has restored several of Bruno Bozzetto's animated feature films "West & Soda" and "VIP" in addition to the eight hours television series Professor Balthazar produced by Croatian Zagreb Film Studio. The main customers in Italy are Eagle Pictures, Koch Media, M2 Pictures, Leone film group, IIF, RAI, BIM, RHV, Cecchi Gori Home Video.

Cineric has gates to handle almost any format from super8 to 65 mm and we can manufacture a custom gate to fit your film such as 55mm 8 perf gate Cineric built for “The King and I” and “Carousel” in our machine shop. Cineric scanners can scan B&W and Color to an 8K CCD that is able to blow up whatever image size to exactly fill the CCD. Our Cineric scanner sensor is a native 4k resolution CCD, with the possibility of offering optionally 8k and 11k. Unlike other scanners that use a CMOS sensor, we can get a scan that is true to the original with True HDR scanning with Full Dynamic Range Scanning above 4.0 density. All data can be saved in DPX 16-bit log format, and other formats.

Scanner with wet gate 4k, 8k, and 11k