Riccardo Russo

Guido Pappadà

The Legend of the Pianist - Giuseppe Tornatore

The Legend of the Pianist - Giuseppe Tornatore

Vajont - Renzo Martinelli

The first Italian company dedicated to post-production and film visual effects, founded in Naples, and which has written the history of effects in Italy, now offers the remarkable ability to work in rooms set up in hotels or production offices close to the set. Riccardo Russo and Guido Pappadà have worked together and with David on the visual effects of numerous films with the company DYTE. The two are experienced 3D graphics and visual effects animators and Guido boasts a double David di Donatello nomination for the films Fuoco su di me (Lamberto Lambertini) and Fascisti su Marte (Corrado Guzzanti). Among the films for which they have done visual effects during their very long collaboration are:

The Legend of the Pianist on the Ocean (Giuseppe Tornatore)

Maléna (Giuseppe Tornatore)

Vajont (Renzo Martinelli)

Resurrection (Paolo and Vittorio Taviani)

Luisa San Felice (Paolo and Vittorio Taviani)

Chiedimi se sono felice (Aldo, Giovanni e Giacomo)

EAML (Jonathan Demme)

L'Amico di Famiglia (Paolo Sorrentino)

Having worked together for so long, the three will also use the tried and tested method of 25 years of working together, which is to shoot as many elements as possible "in camera". This helps to make visual effects not only cost-effective with less digital work, but also faster to compose and with a more photorealistic final quality. In addition, the 8k Mobile Digital Lab's ultra-high-capacity processing technologies allow for fast and virtually instantaneous evaluation and quality control of composed effects, and, if necessary, elements can be re-shot on the fly to improve the quality of the results. For David the other pairs of skilled eyes are a big advantage in getting the extraordinary result.