The above picture was taken by Mattieu Simon de la Mortière in Inner Mongolia. It shows me resting while a set up for the next shot in Jean-Jacques Annaud's "Wold Totem" is prepared. I was native stereographer for this 3d Chinese / French co-production, and I had been chosen after I trained up the camera crew of China Film Group in Munich. Following which, Jean-Jacques wanted to meet me, and we talked 3d in a hotel in Bejing, where I had moved to in the meantime, after I had been asked to continue my training of the crew for a 3d film shoot.  I explained my methods to a renowned director that had already shot in 3d, albeit many years previously. I guess he liked my approach, and my experiences of having worked for many famed Italian directors.

    The picture below, on the other hand, was a night shoot in Film City in Mumbai. Incidentally the silhouette to the right of the tree is non other than me, immortalised in one of many excellent shots that highly talented photographer Amit Ashar took during the making of Goldie Behl's "The Legend of Drona". We had chosen to be outside at night as all of the film studios in Film City were full, but it worked out very well as Cinematographer Sameer Arya could light the tree very effectively. This was designed and built by production designer Tania Behl, while I was the visual effects supervisor of the film. I really enjoyed the nine months or so I stayed in India and Namibia and I have very fond memories of working for and with the talented team in Rose Movies.

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I've worked with passion and determination for 45 years in the film and television industries, learning through experience ever more creative and technical skills in a multitude of different roles, ranging from those of editor, colourist, visual effects supervisor, 3d supervisor, post facility manager and, dulcis in fondo, producer.

I've also had the priviledge of working with many talented film directors, producers and film professionals both for small and big screens around the world.

This site narrates and illustrates some of my experiences.

     The images below are examples of my work in different Countries; top row from left to right Colour and 3d Grading in E-Motion in Genoa, 3d camera alignment in Rome's Casa Del Cinema, towing an Arri Alexa in -40° C in the Svalbard Islands, Northern Norway (incidentally, we kept the camera outside, and it worked wonderfully), supervising visual effects in Rajasthan, North-West India. Bottom row from left to right; 3d rig mounted on Technocrane in Cinecittà, Rome, me in Inner Mongolia for "Wolf Totem", small head mounted camera in Las Vegas, stereo 3d grading (and something I really enjoy!) in E-Motion, Genoa, dual projectors for the 3d setup in E-Motion, Genoa.