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With the Mobile Digital Lab we can shorten the time normally required for delivery of finished product when using today’s off line / on line and multi format editing workflows, while also offering a high degree of quality control and peace of mind over and during the production's progress.

Using the lab, graded dailies with synched audio are produced and shown to the director and production as they are shot and processed, complete with visual effects. Being able to view HDR reference images within a calibrated environment helps decision making for the entire crew, from director and producer, heads of departments, production design, make up, hair, costumes; all have much to gain viewing and checking their work on the ultra high resolution calibrated display of the lab, and which gives a precise rendition of what we are going to get in the final master.


As an experienced visual effects supervisor I can say that I often felt that I had my eyes blindfolded in the past as I could usually only see months later elements shot for visual effects composited together. With the mobile lab, I can now see the composites of these elements almost immediately, at least for circled takes, and, in general, the capability of the lab to work on visual effects as they are shot helps to improve the quality of the results, with the added advantage that if all is not working, then elements can be re-shot there and then. From green and blue screens, tracking, stabilisation, re-framing and more, the use of 8k and 12k imagery for these adds image quality to the composites. Indeed, grading in these resolutions offers a unique selectivity for colours and, at the same time, less image noise, especially in the lowlights.

Of course, productions are made of images and sound, so the mobile lab is designed to work for this too. Alberto Parodi, partner with his Logical Box in Genoa for sound, also works initially where the production is being shot, and with portable units cleans up the raw audio takes, making ADR if necessary too, while synching the edit as it is being done.

80% of the film or episodic television’s edit, colour grade, visual effects and sound are ideally finished by the end of shooting, and, at that point are worked on in Alberto Parodi's sound studios in Genoa for final audio mixes, refinements in colour and editing, titles and deliverables. All files are uploaded to the cloud and duplicated in Two Resolve Systems, one on set and one in Genoa.


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