I've worked for many years in the film and television industries as editor, colour grader, 3d and visual effects supervisor, post facility founder, manager, and, dulcis in fondo, producer. I've also had the privilege of working with and for many talented film directors, producers and film professionals both for the small and the big screen around the world. I have developed during 2020, building on many years of work with Mike Connor, the 8k 12k Mobile Digital Lab based on decades of production and post production experiences together. This turns the post production process upside down, and offers very high quality results for less time and less money then the traditional "bog standard off-line / on-line etc".

Building on my experiences I am convinced that I can offer many of the services below:

* Producer & Supervisor for the Mobile Digital Lab.

* Visual effects supervisor, colourist and post production supervisor.

* Consultantcy for virtual and mixed virtual / real sets.

* Research in digital film restoration using artificial intelligence.

* Teacher.

* Public speaker and television presenter in Italian and/or English.